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Table of Connection

As part of your therapy with me you will have the unique opportunity to incorporate an experiential exercise into the therapeutic process.  I believe in the experience of family mealtime and culinary exercises that can help individuals, couples or families find or strengthen connections to one another or reconnecting with yourself.  This will not be required in each therapy session, but it will be at some point an integral part of the therapeutic process.  Don’t be alarmed if you are not the greatest cook or do not know how to boil water, some kind of experience with food is a starting point for everyone.  The point is being able to have fun and explore something new or different that can potentially bring a fun connection within yourself and the ones you care about.  


Benefits of family mealtime and cooking together:

  • Offers an experiential involvement into the world of combining cooking and therapy.

  • Food can help one to connect with their culture, ethnicity & religion.

  • It helps with behavioral activation to increase contact with sources of reward by helping you get more active which can lead to improvement in one’s life perspective.

  • It is a centering act to calm and slow one’s emotions.

  • It teaches mindfulness in using your 5 senses to help become aware of one’s experience without judgment.

  • Helps to set aside differences and grudges and focus on the meal.

  • Promotes self-care.

  • Cooking together as a family/couple/individual can help build self-esteem.

  • Nourishes your mind and feeds your soul.

  • Empowers oneself by embracing a hands-on experience.

  • Safe to improve lives in your own home setting.

***I offer a concierge service, where I come into your home and work with you.  At some point to observe an exercise involving the Table of Connection.  

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