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Frequently Asked Questions

How can therapy help me?

Talking with a therapist can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences, and other areas that can promote moving forward.  This is a safe place for you to begin or enhance your therapy journey.  If you are new to therapy this is a comforting and safe place to begin the journey of finding your True Beginning.  

What should I expect in my 1st therapy session?

Your 1st session will be information and history gathering.  You will be asked questions so that the therapist can get a better understanding of you and your past experiences.  You will be asked to begin thinking about your goal for therapy and what changes you feel you need to make in your life.

How many therapy sessions will I need?

Depending on the issues presented by a client, therapy can be short-term or long-term.  The goals of treatment and arrangements for how often and how long to meet are planned jointly by the patient and therapist.

How long are therapy sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes.  Longer sessions can be provided upon request with additional fees.

Are therapy sessions confidential?

Communication between client and therapist is both privileged and confidential.  However, there are certain circumstances where confidentiality may be breached. 

Confidentiality may be breached in the following circumstances:

  • In some cases, the courts have held that if an individual intends to take harmful or dangerous action against another individual, it is the therapist's duty to warn the person and/or family of the person who is likely to suffer the results of harmful behavior.

  • Similar actions are taken with patients who may have suicidal thoughts and desires.

  • The courts have mandated that it is the therapist's duty to report incidents of abuse/neglect of a child, the elderly and individuals with disabilities to Child Protective Services or Adult Protective Services.  The therapist is a mandated reporter in such situations where there is suspicion of abuse/neglect of a child, the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Every effort will be made to resolve these issues before such a violation of confidentiality takes place.  Every effort will be made to prevent an attempted suicide or a dangerous action against another person.

Do you conduct therapy through email?

I do NOT conduct therapy through email as this is a possible breach of confidentiality due to my inability to identify who I am communicating with.

Email communication will consist of initial contact with me about beginning the therapy process, forms needing completed by a client before the initial therapy appointment, and information about appointment dates and times.

Do you see therapy clients in other States?

I can only see clients who reside in Texas.

Will I be prescribed medication?

According to State laws I am not able to prescribe medication.  Medication is prescribed by your primary care provider or Psychiatrist.

Do you take my insurance?

I do not except insurance at this time.

Where is your office located?

I will be utilizing telehealth to meet your mental health care needs.  I also offer a concierge service where I come to your home to work with you. 

***Therapists can guide clients through challenges using the most useful and current communication technologies.  Some individuals prefer telehealth because they can get the benefits of therapy in their own homes or while traveling.  Telehealth can also be helpful for clients who live in remote locations, have busy schedules, or who have limited mobility due to disability or caregiving responsibilities.  

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